About Us


Small start to something great

The Crêpery got its start with a simple idea in mind: bring authentic Paris style crepes to Utah. Gabe Anderson took this idea and began bringing his dream to life.

The first location for the Crêpery was opened up in 2009 inside a 4ft x 8ft booth in Logan. The booth was a rented out section inside another store called Citrus and Sage, another locally ran coffee shop. The Crêpery’s humble beginnings started with nothing more than a single griddle and a small fridge. While the space was small, the dedication and vision continued to be as large as Gabe began with.

The first two years of the Crêpery proved to be incredibly successful, much more so than Gabe had intended. The Crêpery had gone from a quaint store in the corner of a cafe to a local hit. This is when Gabe decided that it was time to expand his idea.

2011 marked the year that the Crêpery went from a small local hit to the grand idea Gabe had envisioned. On August 15, the force behind the boutique said their last goodbyes to Citrus and Sage. The store reopened in their new, and current, location in Logan in September 12 the same year.

The new location took the Crêpery’s authentic, original feel and supplanted it within the store itself. Logan’s own local artist, Carrie Ellen Carlisle, supplies the store with its unique art, while Gabe’s original decor gives the Logan store its genuine luster. To this day, the Crêpery continues to be one of Logan’s most iconic stores. While time moves on, the authentic Paris street style crepes and delectable coffee and espresso continue to charm both new and old customers alike.


To St. George and Beyond

In 2015, news had begun stirring about other areas in Utah getting their very own Crêpery. Gabe conferred with his other managers to decide where to next open up. With both location, population, and rural interests in mind, Gabe chose St. George for the new restaurant location with the help of his manager of three years, Jacob Peterson.

Jacob now owns and manages the St. George location with surprisingly excellent results. Like the Logan store before it, the St. George location has both beautiful and unique art and atmosphere. With the success of the St. George store, what does the future hold for The Crêpery?

Have a city that’s in need of the Crêpery? Drop us an email letting us know why your town is perfect for another location. If it turns out your city is a great fit for us, you could see The Crêpery in your local area in the future.